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Isaac Timm

Isaac Timm

Isaac Timm

Isaac was born and raised in the western desert town of Callao, Utah; a stop on the historic Pony Express trail. His highest aspiration is to be a story teller like his father. He is a duel major in History and Creative Writing at Utah State University.

He is an active member of the Cache Valley Chapter of the League of Utah Writers and regular reader at Helicon West, a community literary forum in Logan, Utah.

Genre: Poetry and Creative Non-fiction

painting, untitled-

Give me the words to paint with, umber, and sienna;
prepare a blank space, sharpen me a dark, pine wood brush
let me with deliberate strokes, sketch a lifetime.
Fill the space with cerulean sky, dun grass, and far distances.
Then with gentle hand, render the fine details of smiles
embraces, your warm naked back, the scent of your hair.

With broad blotter and palette knife let me recreate a childhood.
One with fathers and open summers without stares, in strokes of
vermillion be fearless, for I will chase away all doubts.
Let me paint over the cross hatched grays with deep cobalt,
that salves your skin from the harsh tawny sun, like deep water.
And when all my brushes float in amber, when the easel's down
and this work is within its frame let these tired hands rest in yours.